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Offer Name: Blackout Bingo

Offer Wall: Adgate [USA] [IOS]

Cost: 5$

Pays:~$110-11k R$

Note: This offer holds for 7 days, but shows as pending on your AdgateWall!


Step 1: First your going to look if it’s available to you (US offer) then after download the app

Step 2: With a debit/credit card (on-site prepaid visa is fine) deposit 5$ and play a cash game which will then credit 3.6k to your JustEarn account.

Step 3: After this win a game every 12 hours (doesn’t have to be in a row) till the 7 win streak credits

Tip: If you cannot do the offer due to the price refer to Merge Dragons for an easy 1.2k Pts (12$) .