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Offer Name: Merge dragon

Offer Wall: Adgate/Torox [USA] [IOS]

Cost: Pt.1 [0$] Pt.2 [0.99$]

Pays:~$26-2.6k R$

Note: Part 1 & 2 are both available on Adgate, whilst Torox only has Part 2 (Adgate often quotas)

Part 1 [Reach Level 21] [Adgate]:

Step 1: Download the app, after go through the tutorial stage continue going through the stages refilling as you run out of chalices (top right corner). DO NOT SPEND YOUR GEMS ON ANYTHING ELSE.

Should credit within 5 minutes of finishing.

Part 2 [Reach Dragon Lvl 50] [Adgate/Torox]:

Step 1: Play till you get to challenge 2 & you unlock the camp.

Step 2: Once that is done you will merge things in the camp till beginners bundle shows up for 0.99$ once this happens your going to want to buy it.

Step 3: After go back and win challenge 2 3 times (challenge 3 should reward 19 dragon power in total (USE GEMS FOR EXTRA TIME) and you should get to 50 power by now.